In college I could have cared less what was in my kitchen as long as a I had a wine opener, a coffee maker and a pot to make Ramen noodles in. Really, the necessities that got me through those 5 years.

The older I got the more I started to take interest in what was in my kitchen, mostly to make my life easier. I'm no chef you guys, in fact my motto is the higher the temp the faster that shit cooks! I also burn 73% of all things I cook so there's that.

I've been to a handful of weddings, even got married myself and I've bought and broke a good amount of small kitchen appliances. However, I've also learned what has worked for us and what we really need so I figured I'd share in case you're still cooking rice over a pot on the stove. Don't worry, I use to be there too. Just remember, nothing cooks faster on 450 when the instructions say to cook at 350.

BLENDER- One day I will have a Vitamix and drink green smoothies every morning because #health. Today is not the day though, I'd rather buy a plane ticket for that price. However I have upgraded my blenders over the years because I was sick of having a blender and a juicer so I got one that could do both (kinda, remember, it's not a Vitamix) until I land that beautiful Vitamix! We have a Ninja blender and it's been great! It has the individual cups with lids to take drinks on the go and the large pitcher for big old margarita's, smoothies.

RICE COOKER- My dad got us one for Christmas years ago and I'm so glad he did! It's been LIFE changing! Yes, a little magic machine that cooks ALL types of rice PERFECTLY. It also has a steamer tray on top for veggies, GENIUS! If you've ever struggled cooking brown rice get yourself a rice cooker people!

CROCK POT- I know all the rage is an Instapot but I don't have one of those and I don't see a need, right now, to spend money on one. We have used the same one for years and years and its held up great! I've even seen people do a whole month of meals in crock pots, this shit is crazy!

ELECTRIC KETTLE-Notice coffee machine isn't on this list. Coming from a coffee addict that means something. While we have a Kurig, an Espresso machine and a french press, I honestly think the best way to make coffee is a pour over. This is how all the great coffee is made over seas and in some of my favorite local artisan coffee houses locally that I frequent far too much. Heating up the water to do these pour over is where people get stuck. Do NOT heat that shit up in a microwave or "brew" water in your kurig, it's just not the same. Use a kettle. I've had a stove top kettle before but electric ones are the bee's knees. I recently got one for work so I can make coffee, tea and oatmeal RIGHT AT MY DESK GUYS!

HAND MIXER- I never registered for a big stand mixer like most brides, but id you know me, I was not "like most brides". Unless you use that puppy weekly it's just a very expensive prop for your Instagram photos or another thing on your counter tops that collects dust. No offense if you did and got it, props to you, but my hand mixer and Target mixing bowls get the job done. Cookies play dough, bread, lots of things this little guy can whip up real fast.

So there you have it, my 5 favorite small appliances I use on the reg. And if you're wondering, Chelsea, did this really warrant a whole blog post dedicated to kitchen appliances? The answer is yes, yes it did. I'm just a mom trying to help ya not waste money on things you don't need so you can make dinner faster and enjoy cocktails sooner.