what to bring traveling with kids

what to bring traveling with kids

We leave for vacation on Tuesday and I could't be more excited to slip away for a week with my favorite boys! I don't think I've said where so we'll just keep that a surprise and let you know it's somewhere warm. When we got married in Mexico we had a jam packed schedule; the few days before the wedding we were busy finalizing plans at the resort and I was a little stressed out you could say! After the wedding I wanted to make sure we spent as much time as possible with every single person there. Some people only stayed for a few nights while some stayed the entire time.I knew that's how it would be though and I was so excited for that, its exactly what we wanted! This time I want to play with the kids and not worry about socializing with anyone but the four of us. I've talked many times about why its important to travel with your kids, at least it is to us. While traveling with kids, no matter if you have one or ten, there are some things you can bring with you to make it a little easier. Today I wanted to share some of the items that have helped us on our many trips with the boys and will be accompanying us on this trip too.

KINDLE/IPAD (videos/games w/no wifi needed)-We got the boys Kindle's last year for Christmas and while I personally hate them (it's been a learning curve for everyone since we are a huge Apple product family) its nice for the boys to watch a movie or play a game on them while at home or traveling. My suggestion is to always DOWNLOAD shows/movies on whatever electric device you are bringing. Since WiFi isn't guaranteed to be available on every flight you could be stuck on a 7 hour plane ride from Paris to NYC in the middle of the day with a child that is less than thrilled and bored. This was Sky 7 months ago and it was rough! Thankfully Jerek had a few episodes of Peppa Pig downloaded on his cloud to tide him over till he fell asleep. Downloading games and movies straight to your phone insures that you do not need to depend on WiFi or using up all your data while traveling.

GAMES/TOYS I picked up a few small travel games from Target and Amazon prior to us leaving. Small games like checkers, Domino's, Pass the Pig, and Hangman are all games we have that are easy to throw in a carry on as well as in a diaper bag and out to dinner. Cards are also great to bring with! Tracen is just starting to learn how to play go fish and Uno. Sky is HIGHLY obsessed with Legos and action figures so we always have him bring a few no matter if we leave the house for 10 minutes or 10 days! It keeps the kid busy for hours!

WATER/OUTDOOR SHOES- The boys are very weird about being barefoot on dirt, sand, grass, etc. They hate the feeling on their feet, I'm the same way. So I've found having sandals that double as water shoes help immensely. The ugly Crocs they rocked all summer long don't last more than 1 season really. This summer I found some lady at a water park and her kids were rocking these amazing water shoes that also don't let sand in!!! I stalked her and asked what they were and wear she got them and of course, they were on Amazon Prime so I just bought some for the boys. I got them a half size bigger, fingers crossed, they fit this coming summer too!

REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES - Buying water drives me bat shit crazy no matter where I'm at. The hippy vegan in me also gets annoyed when I had to buy said water bottle and then there is no where to recycle the plastic water bottle. Bring an empty water bottle in your carry on and once you get through airport security fill that sucker up. There's nothing worse than $3 water at the airport. Plus we will be at an all inclusive resort so we can change from water to cocktails and easily!

STROLLER-Depending on where we're going depends on what stroller we will bring. Even though my boys are 4 and 6.5 we still bring a stroller everywhere we go. In Europe I mentioned how we were able to do and see so much because we had our double umbrella stroller with us. Its true, we never would have seen as much as we did without that sucker. We walked so much and the kids were able to walk with us or take a snooze while we pushed their tired asses around! In Mexico for our wedding we brought our single umbrella stroller and we will be doing the same for this trip. We are bringing it basically for Sky for the airport. It's super light weight, folds up very small and has a carrying strap to make it easy to take with us.

TRAVEL PILLOWS- We have the standard travel neck pillows and I highly recommend having these for adults and kids, it really helps sleeping when you have your neck sideways, mouth wide open and your snoring away. However, if you watched my Instastories the other day you will see I got these amazing new pillow/foot rest type things that I'm so excited to try out.

LIGHT BLANKET- This was ALL Jerek's idea and I take 0% credit for it. While packing for Europe he suggested we bring this little Ikea blanket we always had in our trunk for picnics and soccer games. It was a game changer and we used it every day on our trip. It was colder than we thought it would be on some days so we were able to wrap the kids up in the stroller as well as use for picnics in the park. We ended up tossing it at the airport from Paris to NYC because it super dirty and we saved space on the way home.

HEADPHONES-Kids head phones are hard to find, IMO. We've gone through a few pairs and the big over the ear ones are best. If you can afford noise canceling ones get those. You can play music for them to listen to if they need to relax at take off or they can watch shows on the plane and your neighbors won't get sick of listening to Minecraft or Pokemon!

WATER WINGS & GOGGLES-Depending on your travel location will depend if you need to bring these, obvi. For us going to Mexico and the boys not being great swimmers it gave us some peace of mind knowing they had the puddle jumpers on. This is also where they became much more confident in the water! We found ours on sale after summer and they fit nicely in our suitcases to be honest. Tracen is really big into diving and going under water so goggles are a must for im whenever water is near. Plus I don't want to be forking over $20 for a pair at the store at the resort because I forgot them!

SNACKS- 99% of kids are picky as hell, at least that's what I tell myself to feel better after dinner. Bringing your own snacks to get you through the logistics of traveling on planes, buses and boats is necessary. I don't know about you but pretzels and cookies on a plane is not my cup of tea either so why should I be surprised that they want something more?

Alright, I think that's it! I now must go as I need to wash and pack everything mentioned for our trip! Traveling with kids doesn't have to be as hard as people make it. A lot of it is trial and error but also being patient and figuring out what works best for your family is key.Anything I forgot to mention? Leave your comments down below, I'd love to hear!