Welcome to November guys! So what do you think? You might not notice that too much is different around here to be honest. The setup and fonts are maybe little different but behind the scenes is really what has changed!I finally converted my blog from Blogger to WordPress! If you aren't a blogger you probably give zero fucks but for me this was a big deal. It was a goal that was on my list of things to accomplish since 2015 when it was on my 30 Things to do Before I'm 30 post. Plot twist I'm 31 so like, goal not met.Whatev though, it's done and I couldn't be happier! I only wish I had done it sooner.Isn't that what everyone says though?


I started bookmarking a bajillion different YouTube videos and blog posts I had found over the years on the transfer and started actually reading and watching the videos. Some of it made sense, a lot didn't.If I've learned anything over the years, while I have self taught myself everything on this blog, YouTube channel and my clothing store, it's to pay for help when you need it! Sure it's nice to figure something out on your own and pat yourself on the back, job well done, you fucking killed it, but the opposite of that is also true.  When you think you can do something to save time and/or money and you end up spending far more time on it and doing a half ass job. When I look back, I realize now I don't want wish I would have paid someone to do a job too big for me when I could have been focusing on other things.After reading all the posts and watching all the videos, I reached out to my friend that kills it in the blogging world, Helene. She gave me some resources to check out on what she used to do the transfer for her blog.After reading everything she gave me I realized two things; my biggest concern was not losing everything and next was to keep my SEO ranking. Losing everything would literally make me cry and then I'd turn into a ranging bitch and Jerek doesn't need that in his life. Many of my posts have high SEO and I didn't want the move to hinder any of this. So while I knew I could probably do the move myself I kinda said eff it, lets pay someone to do this.The reason I also chose this route was also because Oct-Jan are some of my biggest months for the store. Like sales double and triple from the entire year in a matter of a few months and I want to be able to give my full attention to that. I knew if I tried doing this move myself it would take much longer than 48 hours! Time is money people and my store is requiring a lot of my time.So what did I do then? I found 10-15 of my favorite bloggers in all different categories and figured out who they worked with. Thats right I stalked them hard core. If you Google "how to find out what wordpress theme a site is using"  the instructions are real simple. Then I looked at pricing of the different companies and was able to rule out some right away because well #notamillionaireI finally settled with Pipdig. The price was amazing compared to everything else I found and the reviews were phenomenal! They also included a $69 theme IN the price of the move. Most of the other companies I looked at you had to purchase the theme separately and don't give you any help or customer service past the installation.LAME!Within 24 hours of paying for my transfer I had the owner contact me giving me a play by play of what he needed for the transfer and how everything would go. I was a little hesitant on forking over a my password and login info but with all the positive reviews of some major bloggers I know that used Pipdig, I knew it would be fine.A few emails back and forth and that was it, everything was set up. I then had a ton of video tutorials from Pipdig on how to customize everything. I was worried that Blogger and Wordpress would be totally different that I wouldn't be able to even figure out how to write a post but you know what, it's insanely easy! Like so so easy AND it has SO many options to make my post better for SEO, better for photo viewing and better for customization.If you are looking for a Blogger to Wordpress transfer option and you can't tell already, I HIGHLY recommend using Phil at Pipdig. Affordable, fast and painless! I would also recommend that you start off with Wordpress, its not as scary as I thought it was and will save you time and money if you just start there to begin with.If you have any questions, ask away but I bet Phil would probably know more than me!chel xx