Dear 2018


Dear 2018,

New year new me.Physccccc.How many times have you heard that and its only 4 days into 2018? Too many, right?Lawd.These last two months I've felt very overwhelmed and anxious. I usually get this way right after Thanksgiving till the new year. Every year I think I'll be fine so I pack my schedule full and then Thanksgiving comes and I go into full on physco, anxious, stress mode and break down.I'm sure I do this because I think it will help distract me.Some times it does but most times it does not.I get uber anxious these last few weeks of the year because there are a ton of family obligations, my corporate job gets hella busy, the shop gets tunrt and then there is Tracen's birthday.I put so much stress on myself because my brain automatically goes back to the day he was born and the days spent in the NICU following. Having a baby in the NICU is stressful, having a baby in the NICU over Christmas was the worst.Christmas is "the most wonderful time of the year" they say yet all I do is automatically flash back to our life 7 years ago. I tried doing Vlogmas this year and I failed. I got one of the worst migraines I've ever had and it was the first 4 days of Vlogmas so it was all down hill from there I suppose.I've always told myself that if life ever gets overwhelming and my family life starts to suffer I will drop whatever I can to focus on that. This meant videos and blogging came to a halt.As soon as I woke up on the 1st I literally could feel a weight lifted off of me. Like I could really breath again. In fact we came home and I went into full on physco cleaning, de-cluttering, minimizing mode. #classicchelsea

Let's talk New Year goals

Last year I had my hand in so many different things but I was doing any of them well. I have so many dreams and ideas however trying to do it all half ass just isn't me.So.A goal this year for me is to stop trying to do everything. Cliché, I know.This past year the store did good, almost double what it did the year before. I want to do better. Better with marketing and advertising. Better with sales, promotions and giveaways. Better at managing the money. Better all around. Last year I transitioned it from a t-shirt shop to a curated clothing store. I can tell you that the traffic I get to my stand alone website is NOTHING compared to the traffic Etsy drives.This is the whole reason I didn't stop using Etsy. I'm ranked so high in Etsy I see no reason to leave it. However I had more dreams and ideas to expand the store into something bigger than just a t-shirt shop so I did.It's been hard. I actually told myself I was going to do a huge sale and then go back to just doing the tee's. I had a realization the other day though, and if I quit something after less than a year of doing it I'm a scared little betch.And I AM NOT A SCARED LITTLE BETCH.So we're going into 2018 full force and I'm so fucking excited. That scared bullshit is gone.

Other New Year Goals

Something I want to experience:

Pay for a project/trip with cash- We have been lucky to travel more every year however we usually put it on a credit card and Jerek figured out a plan on how we can pay it off before actually going on said trip. While this has been amazing I want to pay for a whole trip up front, with cash.

Something I want to learn:

More/better videography editing: I've learned a lot over the last 4 years but I always want to learn more and improve my skills

A habit I want to break:

Stop comparing myself to others: to other store owners, videographers, bloggers, moms, etc

A habit I want to start:

A steady workout schedule: I go in spurts and I want to stay consistent working out

Something to accomplish by next year:

Read/listen to 6 books: I don't have much time to actually read but I drive a lot so listening will probably be best. Last year I listened to 3 which is not a ton so this year I'm doubling it.

I found this through another blogger and thought these were great to do and share. I'd love to hear what your 5 answers would be!After 2 months off it feels great to be back writing! Stay tuned for our travel video from the Bahamas coming soon!