This past weekend, after I was done nursing a hang over (because I'm an old lady), we headed to Cranbrook with the boys to fly kites and look for buried treasure as Sky calls it.This usually means I pack some snacks and we walk around the grounds exploring until one or both boys start complaining that they are bored, their legs hurt, they want to be carried, want to go home, are muddy, the list goes on really and we head back to the car.Regardless of the whining everyone usually has a good time. There are so many areas there you can get lost, I love it!Next time we will bring our long boards, drone and a nice summer picnic.cranbrook-pure-michigan-summer cranbrook-pure-michigan-summer cranbrook-pure-michigan-summer cranbrook-pure-michigan-summer cranbrook-pure-michigan-summerThis got me thinking of all the things I wanted to do this summer so I started jotting down ideas in my phone.I'm sharing them here in case you need/want some ideas as well.We have a couple trips planned this summer so outside of those I really just want to be outside, exploring or sitting on a patio with a drink in my hand, ordering too many appetizers and praying that my kids don't bother the people next too us that they want to change tables!Feel free to leave your summer bucket list suggestions below so I can add them to mine!