On Fridays we have pizza, they are called pizza party Fridays. We've been doing this for YEARS, like at least 8 years.On the 2nd Friday of the month my mom and Tom come over to have pizza with us. I specifically ordered a new bed frame to arrive on a Friday so that I could get home before Jerek did an set it up. In the case I needed help (which I didn't think I did at the time) Tom would be there to help.Turns out, I needed the help.All I wanted was a new bed frame.Literally ALL I wanted.That turned into a full on master bedroom remodel.I'd love to say I meticulously planned it that way but I honestly didn't, it was just a snow ball effect.I'm so happy it did though because we hadn't done anything to our bedroom from when we moved in (besides cover the ugly pale creamsicle colored walls from the previous owner. The idea was to create a light and airy room for us to retreat to at night. + BED FRAME- The item that started it all. I scored this bed frame from Target on a major sale, plus a cart wheel discount, plus using my Red Card 5% and Jerek still thinks I paid too much for it even after all the discounts. I have to say I wouldn't buy it again. Solely because our mattress doesn't fit. It has this weird space at the top that we have a body pillow shoved in so it doesn't make a noise or we don't fall into when sleeping, so dumb! + DUVET COVER- H&M home! This was my first H&M home purchase. I really love how soft the cover was right away.+ NIGHT STANDS & DECOR I was lusting over these West Elm ones but there's no way in hell I was paying that price tag! I almost bought these off Amazon but then found these ones in store at the At Home store locally. Chochskis, the random shit you have on nightstands to not look so bland.+ RUG- Ikea for a simple and affordable rug win+ SHELF & FRAMES: The shelf is from Ikea and the frames are a mix of Target, Home Goods & Ikea +CLOSET: Jerek built the doors and ordered the barn door rail from Amazon HERE. He added this weird/cool rod that you can hang a shirt from to steam easier, GENIUS! I believe he just added a few rods to hang his clothes and then build the sliding shelves on the right from scratch (feel free to chime in Jer!) Also, yes Jerek has the entire closet because I have an entire room, so no need to worry where all my things are :)+FLOORS: When we moved in we knew we wanted to rip the carpet up, it covered about 90% of the entire house. Four years later we finally ripped up the last of the carpet that covered the first floor.When we ripped up the carpet we knew there was some beautiful old hardwood floors under that gross old carpet. We knew this because we ripped up the first floor and then tiny corners in the bedrooms to make sure it was through out. What we didn't know was the condition of the wood per say. I say it's beautiful because I grew up in a 90+ year old house and I live for old hardwood floors and built ins.Anyway, we were so sick of the carpet that we said we'd throw rugs down everywhere if it wasn't up to par, we were willing to rip it all out and take the chance. We were happy that the floors were a solid B+ but what we weren't happy about is that there was paint splatters errwhere and freaking dents from the previous movers apparently not knowing how to move furniture.Lord help us.Please note the paint drips and the random ass 2x4 they installed in the floor for whatever reason. We're throwing a dog bed over it and calling it a day until one day we sand and re-stain the floor.I wish I had before photos to show you but they are currently located on an external hard drive that is broken. So imagine ugly orange walls, tan carpet and old people smell and that was our bedroom!