Yesterday we celebrated Skylor's 5th birthday. Five. FIVE GUYS FIVE!Every parent will always say "they have no idea where the time has gone" and as cliche as it is, it's 110% true. Where the hell has the time gone!?A few months ago Skylor started talking about his birthday and his birthday party, something he's never mentioned before. He's not one that likes the attention and doesn't like people watching him open gifts. Usually these type of settings are too loud for him and stress him out.Over these last few months we've asked him here and there if he really wanted a birthday party and every time the answer was yes.When Sky says he wants to do something, he really means it and doesn't change his mind. So we went all in, had him pick out an ice cream cake from Menchie's and invited people over, hoping he'd still be excited once the day came.I won't lie, I was nervous how he'd be once the party was actually going on.I can confidently say he had a great time (video to come!) He never seemed overwhelmed by everyone over (and there was a lot of people at our house), he wanted us to sing happy birthday (I asked him a few times) and he actually opened gifts in front of everyone, something he never likes doing at Christmas time!This past year Sky has started at a new school in February, we've made some lifestyle changes with his diet, added in new supplements and cut TV time down a lot. Since implementing all these changes he's had so many gains it's been amazing to witness! This year alone he's has gone into pools, oceans and lakes on his own (with floaties on), he's not only stood in sand but walked across it and PLAYED in it. If you're child has any type of sensory issues you will understand our excitement!Something this huge deserves documentation and as I think back on this year I wanted to share everything he's accomplished!He's tried to wipe his butt, 1 entire roll of toilet paper and clogged toilet later!He's played outside in the sun and learned that he is comfortable doing this with a hat, sunglasses and umbrella on (last year he would sit in a stroller  with the sunshade completely down or in our back room while everyone was outside.)He's learned to pedal on his tricycle and not give up, we even have rode to and from school a few times!He's socially engaging himself SO much with his cousins, neighbors and kids at school. Sharing toys, giving hugs, showing emotions of how happy he is to interact with them! He's painting pictures and not caring that he's messy, as long as we take a bath or wash his hands after. He draws pictures of people! PICTURES OF PEOPLE YOU GUYS! (he couldn't draw a circle at his IEP in February!)This has been one of the hardest years of parenting we've gone through but also a very rewarding one. While the struggles have been worry-some, stressful and very emotional, the gains, happiness and excitement we've seen shine through Skylor has been remarkable.

A big happy birthday to our spunky lego loving Skysky!

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