This past weekend I jumped on a plane to surprise my girlfriend in California that I haven't seen in a few years. I had planned it with her husband and a week before I was about to leave I realized I was arriving on their 7 year wedding anniversary, a wedding I was coincidentally in, 7 years ago, in California. Was he being nice by letting me crash it or was he scoring points with Meg? Either way I was going!I spent these past 3 days beach side taking in all that San Clemente has to offer with Meg and her family. I could easily move to a small beach house there with the boys. Problem is, it would cost me my right and left arm so I don't think that will be happening anytime soon! I forgot how crazy life can be with 2 little ones. It seems like forever ago that I was following Trace around on the playground, making sure he didn't fall and it's been years since I've had to think about feeding schedules. I know that these last seven and a half years of motherhood have flown by but sometimes you don't truly realize it until you're out of it.Below is a short video of my time there, capturing their daily life this weekend. I only filmed pieces here and there as much of our time was chatting, eating and snuggling babies. At first I didn't think I'd film anything, I was hesitant to throw a camera in their face everywhere we went like I do at home. However I realized that I wanted to film it to capture moments that maybe they don't see because they are knee deep in parenting. Thank you for letting me crash your anniversary weekend, I love you guys! Next time I'll bring my circus with me, get ready!