It's September 26 and we just booked a family trip for less than 7 weeks outIs it possible we're already dreading the winter here in Michigan that we're looking at all opportunities to leave?!Yup.Last year we were in the Bahamas celebrating our Novemeber [dating] anniversary and this year we'll be off to Europe so the weather will be a little chilly but none the less we are super stoked to be traveling to not one, but two new countries soon!And the answer is yes, the kids are coming! DUH!Lets get back to talking about the summer, shall we!The beginning of the summer was filled with trips downtown and all around the city.We then took a no kids trip to NYC for my birthday and a belated Christmas gift to the Foo Fighters concert, you can watch the video HERE!Then a month later I made a surprise visit out to my girlfriend in California for a few days, you can watch that video HERE!For the second half of the summer we took a few trips to Canada, went on many boat trips on our brother in laws boat and spent much needed time together before starting school. We went to Point Pelee in Canada and it was all great until the BITING FLIES STARTED ATTACKING US ON THE DAMN BEACH!!!! So we left the beach so fast we got dressed in the damn car and found a restaurant that served booze and ice cream, problems solved!Labor day weekend we jumped in the car and took a weekend trip to Toronto where we went to the Canadian National Exhibition and Toronto Island. So.Many.Fairs!

(carving our last name into a bench in Toronto. Jerek then told me I was a bad example, oh well!) wanted to share a bunch of my favorite photos captured over these last few months and compile  of the videos I took so have a peak, a watch, a listen and enjoy your Wednesday!