Today, on the shortest day of the year, my baby turns another year older! Another year our hearts have grown more than we ever thought they could.

As a barely 24 year old, I became a mother, a month earlier than expected and with zero idea what the hell I was doing.

I never read a book about “what to expect” nor did I take any child birthing classes, hell, I barely knew what I should register for.

But 4 days before Christmas, we welcomed our newest 7lb prized possession into our arms, Tracen Grey Lampinen.


In these last 7 years you've traveled to 7 new countries and have been on numerous planes, trains, boats and Ubers. You've walked me down the isle to marry your dad, hiked through the mountains in Colorado, swam with dolphins in Mexico, skim boarded in the Bahamas and danced in front of the Eiffel tower! You've loved on new babies and dogs, tried new sports and even some new foods. You've shown endless love as a big brother, cousin and friend. You stick up for what you believe in and wear whatever the hell you want! Your confidence is contagious and I'm so incredibly proud of the person you are becoming.


These last 7 years I’ve realized this is what it must have been like to parent me as a child! For that, I'm forever grateful for my mom and still not sure how she managed to do it!


Happy 8th birthday my little winter solstice baby!