I didn't think of that title myself, in fact it's plastered all over the internet on t-shirts.

It's also tattooed across my aunts chest. She's 100% my spirit animal!

A few years ago I started seeing my girlfriend and her mom rescue pits from the area from horrible people and bad situations, trying to give them better homes, better families. They weren't in it to make money, I bet they break even in most cases. They do it because they love these fucking dogs and want to change the stigma associated with Pitbulls.


Every time they posted a new photo online of a dog they were fostering, I wanted to respond "I'LL BE ON MY WAY!" However, I came home with a dog one other time (ie: Ducati) and Jerek still reminds me how irrational I was at 21 so I figured I shouldn't do that again at 31!

One day though, I'd convince Jer that we needed another pooch and when I did I knew I was going to rescue a pit from Mary.

Last year in March I couldn't stop thinking about this all black pit that she was trying to find a home for. I went out and saw her and went back and forth on if we should get another dog. I tried to be "reasonable", Chelsea is NOT good at thinking things through, I'm very impulsive so this was already odd for me to wait this long to decided what I was going to do. I went to Mexico for work, came back and told Jerek I was serious I wanted that dog. I called Mary and she had already found a home for her.


You'd think I would take that as "that must be a sign." But alas, it was not a sign because Mary said she was actually on her way right then to go pick up another dog.


It had to be a girl dog though, I didn't want another boy dog in the house competing with Ducati.

The dog was a girl.


I went there a few days later, fell in love and on Friday the 13th (my favorite days of the year) I brought little Ms. Jade home.


I wanted to rescue a pit because they get a bad name, they are super loyal and amazing with families. I wanted a puppy to grow up with the kids. So they could pull on her ears, run her around the backyard and show others that pits are just as great family dogs as your Golden-doodle or french bulldog (and this is coming from a dog mom that had a teacup Yorkie growing up and now has a Maltese/Pomeranian too.)

Named after the place we got married at in Mexico, Jade takes up our entire bed, sheds all over the damn place, has eaten more slippers and toys that I can keep count of and lays on top of you, trying to get in your soul! She's been the perfect addition to our family.

I know that you may have a certain type of dog in mind that you want, but I urge you to look at rescues first (there are pure breed rescues too!) You will find SO many beautiful, loving dogs out there that just want to be a part of a family!