For years and years I've spent hundreds upon thousands of dollars on my hair. From cuts to color to every type of extension. I've grown it out, chopped it off, and have had so many different colors of hair, from black to platinum and everything in-between that.

Shaving my head has been on my bucket list for a while. For so many years I've wanted to cut my hair short, think pixie length but never have. Instead I've changed the color of blonde I did, added extensions, went back to brunette, cut more hair, added more extensions, etc etc.

My hair has always been a crutch of mine. When I wanted to feel better about myself and not worry about my weight, the kids, work, I'd book a hair appointment. Usually adding length, changing color, doing something that would instantly change my mood or happiness while also spending so much money. Soon the newness would fade and I'd be right back to where I was before, unhappy about things I wasn't working on in myself.

I've come to realize that how my hair looks means nothing compared to my mindset. Recently I told Jer that I wanted to shave my head and check this bucket list item off. Don't think I'm going all Brittany Spears though, I'm in such a good place mentally it's the furthest thing from that. But, the older I get, the less likely I am to do it if we're honest. Like most things I do, I basically said eff it, the time is now.

Last year while making my 2019 plans for my business, I wrote down a goal to donate more. I donate to charities through work and friends raising money but I wanted to do more this year, something different. Our friends lost their daughter to Acute Myelocytic Leukemia (AML) 2 years ago and we think about Leah all the time. Katie and Drew are 2 of the most selfless and strongest people I know and only hope that we can be half as strong in life as they have been. (You can read more about #teamleah and the fundraiser HERE)

On May 4th they are having a fundraiser in honor of their daughter and her birthday, collecting donations for kids and families who are battling and/or grieving. All the money we raise in these next 3 weeks leading up to my head shaving will be donated to the fundraiser to go towards some big ticket items that are needed at Beaumont, Cameron's Crusaders, Gilda's Club, Ryan Rocks and Team Tessa.

So! On April 26th I will be shaving my head with hopes of raising $1000 prior to donate to their fundraiser on May 4th! If you would like to make a donation towards our goal you can do so here: click here for the donation page.

Thank you in advance for the support, and remember it's just hair.