Today and tomorrow Amazon is gettin wild and I wanted to share what is in my cart and also some of my favorite products I’ve bought in the past, sometimes multiple times!!

I’ve done previous posts and videos on favorites or recent purchases but everything can also be found IN my Amazon shop linked HERE making it even easier to find something I mention!

ONE: RING DOORBELL- there are two options but the main differences are below. You cant beat the price!

There are slight differences between Ring and Ring Pro that may be deal breakers for some homeowners. While the traditional Ring doorbell is wireless, the Ring Pro requires that it be wired into an existing (or added) wiring system. Another difference is in the camera itself. The Ring Doorbell includes a 720p camera (at 30 frames per second) while the Ring Pro offers a 1080p wide angle lens.

  • Ring offers a 180 degree field of view

  • Ring Pro has a more limited field of view at 160 degrees

  • Ring Pro uses LED technology for its night vision feature

  • Ring's motion sensor is not as reliable as the one found in Ring Pro

  • Ring Pro offers customizable alerts

TWO: Brim Straw Hat-I recently can’t find my fedora hat, I’m pretty sure Sky wore it and lost it somewhere. Since I have such a small head I really need one that is adjustable. I’m a psycho about no sun on my face and this one has 50+ SPF so in my cart it went!

THREE: Hydro Flask- I love the stainless steel coffee mugs but I want something with a straw that I can throw in my bag and not worry about leaking PLUS have a big enough opening to put ice into. BOOM, hydroflask. Great gift for anyone, all ages! Who doesn’t need to drink more water!

FOUR: Dog Training Collar- We are waiting to train Jade better with the constant barking of people walking along our fence and to stop the jumping on people when they first arrive to our house. This collar has the option for the beep, vibrate and shock setting which is much better than just shocking a dog. Plus its SUPER affordable even not on Prime day!

FIVE: Robe- I’ve been wearing the same white or not really white robe that I got free from a Ulta purchase for years and years and it was time to get a new one. I wanted to splurge on a Barefoot dream one from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale but I still couldn’t pull the trigger on that price tag personally. After some researching I’ve found the best dupe and much cheaper! (These make great Christmas, Birthday, etc gifts!)

SIX: Kids Sunglasses- I don’t know about you but Sky looses his sunglasses DAILY. The other day Jerek stopped at CVS and bought a pair for $18 for camp and I picked Sky up 7 hours later and they were gone, GONE!? These are barely a buck for each pair! I’m betting I’ll have to order another pack by the end of the summer knowing our luck!

SEVEN: Portable Charger- I’ve bought this thing for people as gifts, it holds FIVE full charges before needing to be charged itself, its AMAZING! Thinking stocking stuffer!

These are just some of my faves, to view a more complete list you can check out my Amazon store here where every thing is listed and so so easy to shop!

PS. Anyone else eyeing a Roomba like me? I’m wondering if I should wait till Black Friday or buy now!?